Club Policies

Social Media Policy

Mossley AFC understand everyone involved in football must recognise that the responsibility to safeguard exists both on and off the field of play.


Coaches, club officials, volunteers and others in a position of trust in football need to act responsibly both on and off the field and this includes the use of electronic communications.


The club should:


  1. Refrain from publishing comments about other clubs, players or referees and any controversial or potentially inflammatory subjects.
  2. Avoid hostile or harassing communications in any posts or other online communications. Harassment is any offensive conduct based on a person`s race, sex, gender identity, national origin, colour, disability, age sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, religion or any other status identified by The Equality Act 2010.
  3. Identify all copyrighted or borrowed material with citations and links. When publishing direct paraphrased quotes, thoughts, ideas, photos or videos, give credit to the original publisher or author.
  4. If it maintains a website, blog, chat room, video-sharing site, bulletin board or other social media that promotes their club, should remember they are responsible for reviewing responses to online posts and resolving any concerns about the propriety of the responses before they are posted.
  5. If a blogger or any other online participant posts an inaccurate, accessory or negative comment about the club or anyone associated with the club, do not respond to the post and contact The Club Marketing Officer for guidance/advice.


Club Members and Officials (whether employed or not) should NOT:


  1. Use text or emails for personal conversations, sending pictures, jokes or other items of a personal nature or engage in any ‘banter’ or comments with or about children at the club.
  2. Use internet or web based mobile phones or other form of communications to send personal messages of a non-football nature to a child or young person.
  3. Respond to emails or texts from young people other than those directly related to club matters.
  4. Use language that is directly (or could be misinterpreted as being) racist, sexist, derogatory, threatening, abusive or sexualised in tone.
  5. Accept as a friend, young players or any person volunteering at the club who is U18 on social networking sites.
  6. Share your own personal social networking sites with children or young people involved at the football club or ask them to be your ‘friend’.
  7. Make contact with children or young people known through football outside of the football context on social networking sites.
  8. Post personal comments in relation to the management or operation of the club, club officials. match officials, children, parent/guardian or opposition teams or any family members of those groups.
  9. Delete any inappropriate text or email messages sent to you as they may form part of any subsequent investigation.


Player’s Guidance

Players must not:


  1. Post, host, text or email things that are hurtful, insulting, offensive, abusive, threatening, or racist as this would go against football club’s rules and could also be against the law. Or post personal comments in relation to the management or operation of the club, club officials, match officials, players, opposition team member(s), or any family members of those above.
  2. Engage in any personal communications, ‘banter’ or comments with staff / volunteer(s), players’ opposition teams.
  3. Give out personal details online including mobile numbers, email addresses or social networking account access to people you don’t know well offline
  4. Use internet, web-based, phone or any other form of communication to send personal messages of a non-football nature to any member of staff/volunteer at the club
  5. Delete inappropriate text or email messages sent to you as they may form part of any subsequent investigation
  6. Use inappropriate language.
  7. Reveal information about training, fixtures and contractual agreements etc using social media posts.


A breach of this policy will be considered by senior management


All reports of cyberbullying and other technology misuses will be investigated fully and may result in notification to the police where Mossley AFC is obliged to do so. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension, or banning from Mossley AFC. Everyone must be aware that in certain circumstances where a crime has been committed, they may be subject to a criminal investigation by the police over which Mossley AFC will have no control.

Kick it Out Equality Charter

Kick it out


We adhere to the following equality, inclusion and discrimination guidelines set out by Kick It Out.


We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all participants by applying equality, diversity and inclusion in our day to day operations.


We will promote awareness of the benefits of equality, inclusion and diversity with a clear understanding that football belongs to and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate in it.


In activities we will not discriminate or treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, race nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion/belief, ability or disability. We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of any kind and will assure the correct reporting procedures are actioned if any of the mentioned does occur under our supervision. We are committed to taking action where inequalities exist.


We will take a stance assuring good practice is encouraged internally and to our sponsors, partners and the wider community.


As part of our commitment to the eradication of discrimination in football and the promotion of equality, inclusion and diversity, a minimum of one member of our board and/or coaching staff will be fully educated on the procedures around reporting incidents of discrimination – including through the appointed officials, our County FA, the Kick It Out website and app.

Disability Inclusion

Mossley AFC are committed to inclusion and will continue to work to improve Disability access and inclusion at our club. We outline our objectives here:


Examples of Access and Inclusion – Best Practice


1. Information for disabled fans is available on the club website.

2. Companion (carer) tickets are provided free of charge as a ‘reasonable adjustment’.

3. Every fan has the opportunity to sit alongside fellow fans.

4. Wheelchair users have an unobstructed view of the pitch with a companion seat/space alongside.

5. Blind and partially sighted fans can sit anywhere, information is available in alternative formats.

6. There is provision for Assistance Dogs.

7. Deaf and hard of hearing fans can sit anywhere, information is available in written and alternative formats.

8. Easy access seats are identified and can be reserved for ambulant disabled fans.

9. Accessible toilets are available and clearly identified.

10. Accessible parking and drop off are available, can be pre-booked and are advertised.

11. Regular dialogue with disabled fans.

13. Links with disability organisations in the community.

14. To have  club wide strategy towards access and inclusion with an annual review.

15. To champion the positive impact of being inclusive.

Managers, Coaches & Club Officials Code of Conduct

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game.


In The FA’s survey of 37,000 grassroots participants, behaviour was the biggest concern in the game.
This included the abuse of match officials and the unacceptable behaviour of over competitive parents, spectators and coaches on the sideline.


Mossley AFC are determined to fulfil the FAs Respect policy and play its part; if you are a Manager, Coach or any member of the clubs official staff we insist that you fulfil your primary obligations and do your part to observe The Football Association’s Respect Code of Conduct in everything you do.


Therefore please observe our rules and by carrying out your role make the unequivocal commitments to the following :


On and off the field, I will:

• Show respect to others involved in the game including match officials, opposition players, coaches, managers, officials and spectators

• Adhere to the laws and spirit of the game

• Promote Fair Play and high standards of behaviour

• Always respect the match official’s decision

• Never enter the field of play without the referee’s permission

• Never engage in public criticism of the match officials

• Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.


When working with players, I will:

• Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning

• Explain exactly what I expect of players and what they can expect from me

• Ensure all parents/carers of all players under the age of 18 understand these expectations

• Never engage in or tolerate any form of bullying

• Develop mutual trust and respect with every player to build their self-esteem

• Encourage each player to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance

• Ensure all activities I organise are appropriate for the players’ ability level, age and maturity

• Co-operate fully with others in football (e.g. Officials, doctors, physiotherapists, welfare officers) for each player’s best interests.


I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by my club, County FA, league or The FA:

• Required to meet with the club, league or County Welfare Officer

• Required to meet with the club committee and/or the Board of Directors

• Be monitored by another club coach

• Required to attend an FA education course

• Suspended by the club from attending matches

• Suspended or fined by the County FA

• Required to leave or be sacked by the club

Inclusion Policy

Mossley AFC is committed to ensure everyone who is involved in football has a great experience – regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or disability, faith or age.


We will all work together on our inclusion priorities over the coming years. These are underpinned by three principles of change and improvement :


· ensuring governance and leadership is diverse and modern;


· removing any obstacles to access and progression in coaching, talent development or personal development pathways; and


· enshrining equality, diversity and inclusion in our day to day operations.


We will also examine pathways and promote inclusion and access for coaches, welfare officers, club officials, league officials, players, coaches and tutors; and we will challenge ourselves with measurable targets that deliver on diversity and inclusion outcomes.


We will also work with a variety of stakeholders on topics such as mental health and LGB&T to ensure that people feel safe and included in football.


Our disability football program is just one of our initiatives for the 2019-2020 season, and in line with the Manchester FA women’s strategy ‘Gameplan for Growth’ we aims to ensure female participation with a full team by 2020; and we continue to work to encourage football across different faiths and communities.

Safeguarding Policy

English football takes safeguarding extremely seriously. The ongoing work to make the game as safe and enjoyable as possible is led by The FA, the game’s governing body in this country. This work is delivered through County FAs such in conjunction with leagues and clubs.


A clear safeguarding strategy has been put in place by English football to protect people involved in the national game. It is complete with policies, procedures and regulations. Every club in the country must adhere to the policies which apply to them. If not, they face sanctions, including suspension from playing. Mossley AFC is fully committed to ensure and constantly improving its safeguarding procedures.


Policies include the mandatory appointment of a Club Welfare Officer(s) for every league or club with youth teams. There is also a requirement for specified club committee officers to complete the free online ‘Safeguarding for Committee Members’ course. While mandatory for specified officers, the course is open to anyone to raise their awareness of potential situations and how to deal with them.


Welfare Officers must have an FA-accepted Criminal Record Check, which has to be renewed every three years. They must also undertake regular FA-approved safeguarding training. With the club committee’s support, Welfare Officers ensure the appropriate checks and training are completed for anyone at the club working with children and young people under the age of 18.


In the meantime, should you have any questions about safeguarding please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Designated Safeguarding Officer on the Board.

Health & Safety Statement

Health & Safety Statement


The Club wants to foster a culture where all health and safety matters can be raised and discussed openly, since it cannot fix things it does not know about. Concerns and safety improvement suggestions can be raised with any Club official, and may be specifically directed to the Club’s Safety Officer, Secretary or Chairman. The Club’s health and safety arrangements are regularly discussed at Board meetings, to which the Safety Officer periodically attends to update the Board on health and safety matters.


General Statement of Intent


Mossley AFC accepts its responsibility to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, The Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 and other subordinate Legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice.


It recognises the importance of providing a safe and secure match day environment for all people attending games, and any other persons affected by the Club’s match day operations.


In exercising its responsibility and commitment the Board of Directors of Mossley AFC will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the effective implementation of this health and safety policy.


The Board of Directors will provide leadership in matters of health and safety. They will keep the organisation and arrangements for health and safety under review and initiate revision, as and when necessary, in consultation with the Safety Officer.


The Chairman has overall responsibility for health and safety within the Club and is accountable to the Board of Directors for fulfilment of this Health and Safety Policy.


The Board of Directors, led by the Chairman, have appointed a Safety Officer (who is accountable to the Chairman) who is supported by Club staff, officials and volunteers. The Safety Officer advises on all safety related matters and has ultimate authority for decisions on any match day safety critical issues should they arise, from one hour before kick-off until one hour after the match has ended.


To safeguard match day safety and manage risks before, during and immediately after games, Mossley AFC may consult with opposing clubs and other organisations, not limited to but including: the local Police Service, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Local Authority (Council), the Football Association FA)


Accident and Incident Reporting and Investigation


All match day related accidents or incidents will be recorded and appropriately investigated so that lessons may be learned and health and safety arrangements reviewed and improved as necessary.




The Club will endeavour to maintain health and safety related communications with the public, spectators, staff and volunteers by a variety of methods, including but not limited to:

• Information in match day programmes

• Match day PA announcements

• Club website, social media, blogs, etc.

• Club publications (e.g. newsletters, posters, notices, hand flyers, etc.)

• Club season tickets scheme and other membership schemes

• Via the Supporters’ Club and associated websites and social media

• Stewards, Club Officials and other match day staff

• Local media and newspapers

• Club nights such as ‘Meet the Chairman’ and ‘Meet the Manager’


The Club will encourage feedback and two-way communication from all sources within and outside the Club on safety related matters. People are actively encouraged to raise safety related issues at any time and, upon being made aware, the Safety Officer or another Club official will investigate them and initiate actions as necessary.


At least one hard copy of this Match day Operations Manual (and associated documents) will be held at the Ground as a living document. This also means it is readily available for inspection purposes. Those documents produced in soft copy (e.g. risk assessments, ground inspections, etc.) are all held in a shared document repository that is accessible for authorised Club officials, including Board Members.




All Stewards are ambassadors of the Club and this should be reflected in their approach to spectators and the way they react to them. Stewards are responsible for ensuring the safety, security and wellbeing of spectators attending matches at the Ground and report directly to the Safety Officer.


General duties are to:


• Control or direct spectators when entering, while inside and when leaving the Ground.
• Provide spectators with reasonable help and assistance when required.
• Only allow Ground entry to valid ticket holders or legitimate Club guests.
• Watch out for actual or potential crowd disturbance.
• Watch out for spectator distress and obtain appropriate support.
• Watch out for overcrowding and direct the crowd appropriately to relieve the situation.
• Report any Ground issues or emergencies and raise the alarm appropriately.
• Maintain view lines of seated spectators, ensure spectators in seated stands remain seated so a

Good Behaviour Agreement

This following is an important notice.


Here at Mossley AFC we love our supporters – and indeed our guest supporters- you are the clubs heart – however we must remind you of the agreement you consent to when you enter our ground at Seel Park, our Good Behaviour Policy.


This policy is also set out in notices around the club, the programme and online.


There are some Key Principles we insist you adhere to when visiting our ground:


• No abusive or foul language will be tolerated towards Match Officials, Players, Directors and staff of both Mossley AFC or visitors, this rule applies both home & away


• No racist language or abuse will be tolerated at all – an immediate ejection and ban from the ground will be the automatic punishment


• No sexist language or abuse will be tolerated- a warning and possible ban will be the automatic punishment


• No pitch invasions are allowed – regardless of excitement levels!


• No throwing of objects onto any area of the pitch or the setting off of smoke bombs or fireworks on the terraces or pitch will be tolerated – immediate ejection from the ground is the automatic punishment


Excessive alcohol or drunkenness will not be accepted; we reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone alcohol at the sole discretion of the club management


Threats of violence to staff, officials or supporters will have severe consequences, including the possible immediate ejection from the ground and season long ban


Physical contact of an aggressive nature will result in immediate ejection from the ground and a minimum season long ban which can be extended to up to 3 years for more seriously incidents or a life ban for any actual bodily harm


• Behaviour which any official of the club feels is a danger to others will result in immediate ejection from the ground and possible reporting to the police


• Anyone found bringing alcoholic drinks into the ground will be ejected and receive an immediate ban of a minimum 4 home games


• Anyone found bringing drugs into the ground will receive a ban of a minimum of 5 years and reported to the police


Away game behaviour is expected to be in line with our Good Behaviour Agreement as outlined above- breaches at away grounds will be treated with the same consequences as if there where to have occurred at our home ground


Any poor, abusive or intimidating behaviour of any kind can and will result in formal warnings issued followed by ejection from the ground with possible longer term bans or even season long suspension from access to the ground


Please take our good behaviour policy seriously and we can all enjoy the match.

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