Match Report


(0) 0

Mossley AFC

(1) 1

Ozono (31)



Saturday 6th July 2019 @ Educate Stadium, Rhyl

Match Overview

Win For Mossley

Written by Aaran G. Ricey


Will Ozono makes his tantalising debut by scoring an amazing winner. The team showed some great shape and excellent accurate passing throughout, which bodes well for the coming season.

New to the squad, supporting goalkeeper Forth showed some great promise too and some smart pass outs.

On the downside, fans favourite Adam Jones was “sin binned” for 5 minutes, for being, well Adam. Nicky Platt was cut short with a nasty tackle but will be fine for the season.

Rhyl, a strong side themselves, fought all the way, but Mossley had the best of the possession and demonstrated an intelligence on the pitch which ensured the well-deserved win.

Team Line-ups

Mossley AFC


1. Josh Forth
2. Ben Richardson
3. Dieter Downey
4. Nicky Platt
5. Adam Jones
6. Steve Mason
7. Will Ozono
8. Andy Keogh
9. Ben Halfacre
10. Astley Mulholland
11. Max Leonard




12. Ryan Brooke
13. Trialist
14. Trialist
15. Trialist
16. Kyle McGonigle
17. Dylan Fitzgerald
18. Gary Gee
19. Jes Uchegbulam

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