Fixtures and Results

Mossley Womens Team

DateOpponentsVenueResultCompetitionScorersReportWoman of the Match
Jul 28Swinton LadiesAwayW 4-1FriendlyBurke-2, Blackshaw, ClarksonMatch ReportNiamh Fogarty
Aug 4AFC Oldham LadiesAwayW 1-3FriendlyFogartyMatch ReportAbby Rogers
Aug 8Walshaw Sports WomenHomeW 6-0Friendlyown goal, Fogarty, Morley-3, StackMatch ReportLilly Weston
Aug 10Galgate LadiesAwayW 18-1FriendlyClarkson - 6, Fogarty - 3, Barnes, Blackshaw, Rogers.
Weston, Cuthbert, Strudwick, Price, King, Newton
Match ReportEllie Clarkson
Aug 14Crompton WomenHomeW 9-0FriendlyMorley-6, Fogarty, Price, ClarksonMatch ReportThaila Morley
Aug 25FrodshamAwayW 10-0FriendlyMorley-4, Strudwick, Fogarty, Barnes, Clarkson, Price, RogersMatch ReportAlex Newton
Sept 1Manchester UnityHomeW 5-1FriendlyMorley-4, BurkeMatch ReportAaliyah Macey
Sept 15Sale LadiesAwayW 4-3Division 1 League MatchBurke-3, StrudwickMatch ReportGrace Burke
Oct 13West Didsbury and Chorlton WomenHomeL 2-3Division 1 League MatchMorley-2Match ReportAlex Newton
Oct 16West Didsbury and Chorlton WomenHomeW 4-1Division 1 League CupBurke-2, Clarkson, LeaverMatch ReportGrace Burke
Oct 27Ashton UnitedAwayDivision 1 League Match
Nov 3Ashton UnitedAwayOpen Age Challenge Cup
Nov 17Baguley AthleticAwayDivision 1 League Match
Nov 24Heyside Angels FCHomeDivision 1 League Match
Dec 1Bolton Wanderers LadiesHomeDivision 1 League Match
Dec 15Rochdale AFC LadiesHomeDivision 1 League Match
Jan 12, 2020Rochdale AFC LadiesAwayDivision 1 League Match
Jan 26, 2020Sale LadiesHomeDivision 1 League Match
Feb 9, 2020Tameside UnitedAwayDivision 1 League Match
Feb 16, 2020Urmston MeadowsideHomeDivision 1 League Match
Mar 1, 2020West Didsbury and Chorlton WomenAwayDivision 1 League Match
Mar 8, 2020Ashton UnitedHomeDivision 1 League Match
Mar 15, 2020Bolton Wanderers LadiesHomeDivision 1 League Match

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