Match Report

Frodsham Ladies

(0) 0


Mossley Women

(4) 10

Morley-4, Strudwick, Fogarty, Barnes, Clarkson, Price, Rogers



Sunday 25th August 2019 @ Frodsham

Match Overview

Lilys hit double figures again


Despite the blistering heat on Sunday the Mossley AFC women put on a show against a very competitive strong Frodsham side.


The passing and movement and play from the back was outstanding. Defensively the Lilys were really good at the back, not letting anything through, they were a wall of talent.


The team is gelling very well and the mangement team of Chris Brooks and Dame Bradshaw are excited to start the season.


Woman of the Match: Alex Newton

Team Line-ups

Mossley Women


1. Megan Dickin
2. Leah King.
3. Mia Woods
4. Abby Rogers
5. Aaliyah Borland.
6. Brooke Strudwick
7. Ella Barnes
8. Ellie Price
9. Amy Wood
10. Maisie Blackshaw
11. Neimah Fogarty
12. Elli Clarkson
14. Lizzy Stack
16. Alex Newton
17. Thaila Morley

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