Match Report

Galgate Ladies

(1) 1



Mossley Women

(8) 18

Clarkson – 6, Fogarty – 3, Barnes, Blackshaw, Rogers.
Weston, Cuthbert, Strudwick, Price, King, Newton



Sunday 11th August 2019 @ Glasson Park, Lancaster

Match Overview

Lilys run up 18 goals in Lancaster

Report by Dame Blackshaw


Following on from the Lilys brilliant performance at Seel Park on Thursday they continued their pre season ageanst Galgate Ladies Football Club.


Confidence was sky high and it showed right from the first minute ageanst a team ranked higher than us . But with some brilliant passing football Mossley were just a class above there opponents who tried hard but came up against a super Mossley AFC side.


The half time score was 8-1 to Mossley and there was no let up in the second half as Mossley ran out 18-1 winners.


This is developing into a very special team . The goal scorers were Ellie Clarkson (6), Niamh Fogarty (3), Ella Barnes, Maisie Blackshaw, Abby Rogers, Lilly Weston, Holly Cuthbert, Brooke Strudwick, Elli Price, Leah King and Alex Newton.


Mossley Women now turn their focus onto the game against Crompton at Seel Park on Wednesday and hope the amazing crowd turn up again to support.


Thanks to Galgate for hosting us and good luck this season.


Woman of the Match: Ellie Clarkson

Team Line-ups

Mossley Women


1. Megan Dickin
2..Lleah King
3. Lilly Weston
4. Mia woods
5. Abby Rogers
6. Holly Cuthbert
7. Niamh Fogarty
8. Brooke Strudwick
9 Ellie Clarkson
10. Maisie Blackshaw
11. Ella Barnes




12. Ellie Price
14. Leanne Mansfield
15. Alex Newton

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